3 Tips For Managing A Service Learning Project In The Art Room

Have you ever wanted to do something exciting with your Artists, but then when it came down to crunch time, everything became very overwhelming? Because that’s what happened to me! But, I worked through it and discovered some ways to make the management of our Service Learning Project easy and less “OMG! What did I get myself into!”

1. Define tasks

List every single task you have to do to get the project done, then code the list by:

  • things your students will do
  • things you will do to prep for what the students will do
  • things your service partner has the expertise or knowledge to do

2. Next, make a timeline

Order the tasks. Then start with the last task and make a tentative final project due date (I made mine a few weeks before the actual deadline, making room for things to take longer than estimated… OK and for my own tendency toward procrastination!)
Label each task with number of classes or hours you think it will take.


My very messy list and labels!

3. Communicate the timeline

Now, if you’re like me, you probably have a whole bunch of chicken scratch illegible to the naked eye by now. So, the third step is to take that and make it readable for all involved in the project.


Now, this is much more organized! Service Learning steps, Target Dates, School and Service Partner tasks.


I filled this all in, and used it to add notes when communicating with our Service Partner. Everyone knew what was going to happen and (tentatively) when.

Happy service through planning!