The Easiest Art Show I’ve Ever Hung


This was the first Art Show I’ve hung that I have not stressed over day and night for weeks!


Here is the formula…

Tri Fold Presentation Board + Zip Glue + Tablecloth Roll = 

Art Show!


I had some leftover presentation boards that I was able repurpose, but now I see they are available at the Dollar Tree.

I just had the kids title their work an put their names on index cards. For my older students, I had them write an artist statement (which I quickly typed up for them as they dictated their rough draft to me).

For some projects, I wrote a quick title for the project.

For student artist names on smaller works, I printed a list of student names and just sliced the names up with a paper cutter.

“Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!” 
…as my first graders would say!

Happy Hanging!