Sanity-Saving Strategies for Spring Survival in the Art Room



Ah, spring… The smell of flowers in the air, the sound of birds in the distance… and the feeling that you’re STUCK inside with the madness that IS your students’ spring fever right now!

Art shows, awards, testing, assemblies, Easter candy. It seems to become a feeding frenzy on any slight vulnerability shown by an exhausted teacher!

Here are my top 3 strategies for spring survival:

1. Anticipate that some things WILL go wrong!

My definition of flexibility:

Anticipating that everything will probably NOT go according to the plan, but being OK with that.

Can I just say… this is NOT something that comes easy to me!!!!! I am like THE biggest control freak when it comes to order and plans, so I have to work OH SO HARD on this!

Some things I’ve come to anticipate going wrong…

  • Finishing that last lesson of the year most likely will not happen.
  • I’m probably going to run out of something. Something important.
  • There will most likely be a class I won’t see as many times as the others.
  • I may have to cover for someone who can’t make it to the assembly.
  • I will probably be pulled from teaching my actual specialty. Frequently.
  • I cannot make everyone happy! 🙂

But, when I can change my thinking to anticipate some things going wrong, it takes the pressure off. It makes me THAT much happier when things DO go right!!!

2. Centers, Centers, Centers!

I cannot emphasize HOW much centers in the Art Room have been a game-changer for me during the end of the year madness.

There are SO many pros to Independent Art Center Activities for the end of year:

  • They get a thorough review
  • They get the freedom of a change of routine, but there is still structure enough for the end of year energy students seem to buzz with.
  • They see it as “playing”
  • I can get stuff stored and organized for summer.
  • I can see their personalities shine SO bright- Who’s the born-leader? Who has the most capacity for a challenge?
  • I can go somewhat into autopilot and save my energy for things like hanging the Art Show after school, writing my “Outstanding Art Student” speech, etc…

3. Make Endless Lists!

My lists are insane (SEE BELOW).
Whatever the task is, I have to write it down if I ever want to remember it!

SO, whether you are feeling as ‘springy’ as the kids, or you just don’t have a whole lot left to give for the last month or two… I’m hoping that by reading this, you’ll know you’re not alone!